DMF Mentee Ndzenyuiy Melody shares her Impact Story

Melody is one of the newly recruited Mentees at Denis Miki Foundation. As a Teacher at Governement High School Batoke, she serves in her community by using Education as a means of Sustainable Development. She counsels students and coaches them to become better citizens and mobilizes them for voluntary services to the community. As a DMF Mentee she, on the 26th of September celebrated the World Environmental Health Day 2017.

The World Environmental Health Day was celebrated in Government High School Batoke on the 26th of September 2017 under the theme “Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality“. Activities were planned and implemented by the Guidance Counsellor Ndzenyuiy Melody N.
Open Air Defecation has been the order of the day amongst students in the campus. A stroll to the toilets, one will find human feaces around the toilet and even in nearby farms and bushes. A foul smell fills the air in these areas due to urination. Even with the presence of pipeborn water, 1/2 of the student population hardly washes their hands before and after stooling or eating. Talk less of washing with soap. In 2015/2016 academic year, we registered about 5cases of cholera and more than 300 cases of diarrhea and close to 100 cases of dysentry. Only in the first term of the 2016/2017 academic year, more than 50 students came up with complaints of running stomach as well. From informal group discussions and group counselling sessions, students revealed that they practically share their homes with insects and rodents.
About 137 students within this school year agree to the use of rubbers to start fires at home causing air pollution. For the above reasons and so much more, the Counsellor decided to use the Environmental Health day to educate, inform, and create awareness of various means by which the quality of air can be contaminated by our actions which can further affect our health. These teenagers were given the grounds to brainstorm by themselves,the unhealthy practices in the environment and write them down as well as their effects. Some decided to respond by drawing. The Counsellor then worked with the students to clean the environment of stagnant water and bushes, because of the tendency to defecate in bushes and scrub toilets, making them inviting for the next user. And take home the spirit of Ventilation, disinfecting, covering toilets, make use of dust bins with covers to reduce flies that land on food.

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The first resolution the students decided on was “the cleanest class on campus competition” for which prizes will be given at the end of the term.
The second decision is to have family discussions with parents and siblings to spread the message of indoor and outdoor air quality. A prove of this homework well done , will be each parent contacting the counsellor to say “we will change
A total of 79 students, 1 discipline Mistress and One Geology teacher , with the clearance of the principal partook in the activities.