Call For Expert Trainers

PROJECT THEME: “Engaging the Voices, Opinions and Perspectives of AGYW groups in HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment Processes through Focus Group Discussions”


The goal of this project is to provide a space for the meaningful consultation of Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) in Global Fund Cameroon processes as well as in Divisional, Regional and National processes to reduce new HIV infections among AGYW aged 15-24 to meet Global Fund targets.


  1. To get the voices, perspectives and opinions of AGYW before designing and implementing HIV prevention polices/processes,
  2. To actively engage AGYW in HIV prevention efforts to improve acceptance and sustainable ownership of interventions, increase retention of AGYW in treatment programs and maximize impact
  3. To incorporate solutions proposed by AGYW into HIV prevention/treatment initiatives because AGYW are experts at understanding their own issues and designing solutions.



-Together with the team at DMF, Expert Trainers will establish necessary criteria to carry out the study.

-Study procedure, will be explained to each participant by the experts prior to administering consent.

-Together with the team at DMF, the Experts will develop an interview framework that will enable the focus groups to examine risk factors for AGYW as well as strategies proposed by AGYW to address HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.

-The team of experts will determine the language of study, how the study will be conducted and the coding and consolidation system to make the study effective and the results reliable.

There will be 6 focus group discussions, 3 composed of AGYW aged 15-19 and another 3 composed of AGYW aged 20-24. Each group will comprise 8 participants making a total of 48. All sessions will be recorded and shall take place in Limbe between the 3rd to the 13th of January, 2019.


Expert Trainers in the fields of Health, Community Outreach and Service with proven track records on HIV/AIDS related programs most especially with previous and/or ongoing collaboration with Global Fund programs in Cameroon will be given more priority.

To apply send a One Page Abstract on the project theme attaching your most recent Curriculum Vitae (CV) to Denis Miki Foundation at copying; Miss Emilia Miki, Mr Emmanuel Vifansi, Miss Ndolo Ekema and Mr Parviel Chirsir

Deadline: The deadline for submission of abstracts and CVs is the 30th of December 2018 at 11.59PM.


Denis Miki Foundation is a development initiative that since December 2013 has worked with rural and urban-poor communities in Cameroon. Our programs at Denis Miki Foundation focus on primary health care, water, hygiene & sanitation targeting primary school children, youth, women and the underprivileged persons, conservation related activities, community development projects, vocational training and promoting sustainable agriculture, arts and talents promotion activities. DMF’s missions are to contribute to the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and community development by empowering the people and their communities. We have as objectives to sustainably develop and enhance the capacities of the poor, vulnerable and rural areas of Cameroon.



HER Voice is the result of various consultations with women organizations and women’s funds citing challenges faced, particularly by young women, while engaging in relevant policy and program design processes that directly affect their lives.

Through its “Community Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative”, the Global Fund has invested in HER Voice to support the meaningful engagement of adolescent girls and young women in national AGYW and youth related policy and program processes supported by or linked to the Global Fund, for an initial period of 12 months.

HER Voice believes that to respond adequately to the needs of adolescent girls and young women, their voices and ideas must be heard. They must have the opportunity to shape policies and programs that affect them. HER Voice collaborates with and compliment other initiatives geared towards strengthening quality of interventions targeting adolescent girls and young women.

The HER Voice Fund is jointly managed and administered by SHRH Africa Trust (SAT) and Eastern Africa National Networks of AIDS Service Organizations (EANNASO).