Cameroon Women’s Global Strike

Denis Miki Foundation (DMF) will be organising the first ever Women’s Global Strike in Cameroon as part of the activities to commemorate the International Women’s Day. We will be mobilizing 30+ grassroots women and girls, women human rights defenders (WRHDs), feminists and gender activists.

The activities include;

a) Mobilize women and girls to join us on Women’s Global Strike March Past on the 8th of March in Limbe holding plackades carrying key messages to be communicated to key decision makers and the general public.
b) Organize media campaigns at both local, national and international media platforms to amplify the voices of grassroots women and girls
c) Run a #HerVoiceMyVoice Podcast Series of stories from women and girls at the grassroots level and publish on Apple and Google Podcasts and amongst different stakeholders to influence decision making processes for the improvement of the conditions of women.
d) Host a Women’s Cirlce for women to have a conversation about issues that affect them which will be recorded and streamed live on our YouTube Channel and Social Media pages to create awareness on the situations women face and bring to notice solutions that work for this situations.
e) Officially launch our Women Support and Empowerment Network and Her Voice Club through a one day Fundraising Gala for Women and Girls Rights.

To join us, call us or email us today at and 652975274 or 670264947 or 677985413 and grab you T-shirt at 5000frs and STRIKE for the Rights of every Woman and Girl in Cameroon.