Child Protection In The Midst of The Anglophone Crisis

Children are one of the vulnerable groups affected by the ongoing Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon. The absence of education, the lack or poor access to health services and programs are major human rights concerns identified on the field by the team of Humanitarian Actors at Denis Miki Foundation.

It is in this regards that we are working together with communities, local and international partners to find ways of providing safe solutions that promote and protect the rights of children directly affected by the Anglophone Crisis. These include Internally Displaced Children and those Living in conflict areas.

In order to be able to achieve this, DMF Program Assistant and Women Mediators & Human Rights Activists Program Lead, Nancy Efeme participated in a 4 days training on Child Protection organised by the United Nations Children’s Fund, Cameroon.

The training which took place at the Capitol Hotel Buea from the 29th of January to the 1st of February 2019, brought together humanitarian actors and stakeholders working in the area of promoting Children’s Rights and who are members of the Child Protection Cluster.

Some of the topics touched on during the four days included; Child Protection In Emergency ( CPiE), the Minimum Child Protection Standards In Emergency, Child Protection Monitoring, managing UASC-Unaccompanied and separated children, Identification, Documentation, Tracing and Reunification.