CrArts 4 Keeps


The “CrArts 4 Keeps” project is a project initiated by Denis Miki Foundation to provide a platform for exposure to both a national and international markets of the Arts and Crafts work produced by the children, youth and women of the rural and urban poor communities we work with in Cameroon. With our goal to fight poverty and provide economic empowerment to these communities the CrArts 4 Keeps project is aimed at equipping children, youth and women to increase their sources of income, so that they may sustain their families, and to implant a production factory for the production of their goods that will be sold in urban and international markets and also the CrArts 4 Keeps show-room we look forward to setting up in the town of Limbe and other towns of Cameroon in the future.Our goal is to train marginalized and less privileged groups in rural and urban poor communities, equip them with new skills and capitalize on already existing skills some of them have. Each item is expected to carry our distinctive “CrArts 4 Keeps” logo, a patented trademark Denis Miki Foundation will be making into a symbolic brand for businesses led by Cameroonians who meet our criteria for marginalized and less privileged individuals.

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