DMF Gender Officer, Her Voice Club Project Coordinator and Leaders Become UNESCO Peace Ambassadors

On the 21st and 22 of June 2019 Nformi Laura Berka, Chiara Manjo and Nancy Efeme represented Denis Miki Foundation and the Her Voice Club for the UNESCO Peace Ambassadors Training (a sub arm of the United Nations) which was specifically hosted by UNESCO Cameroon. The trainers where Mr Chamago Blaise and Miss Adele Ngole (Pioneer UNESCO Peace Ambassadors) . It was an intense training with theme: “STRENGTHENING CAPACITIES IN SUPPORT OF PEACEFUL ELECTORAL PROCESSES AND SOCIAL COHESION IN CAMEROON”.

The participants were trained on 5 modules

  1. Understanding the Concept of Peace, Conflict, Violence and War
  2. Conflict Prevention and Management
  3. Legal frameworks of Conflict/Dispute Settlement
  4. Women and youth in conflict and reconciliation
  5. Social cohesion in multiple communities

This training was taken part by over 30 volunteers and workers from multiple NGO’s from the South West Region. Our UNESCO Peace Ambassadors learnt a lot and would always be willing to give back to the DMF, Her Voice Club and our community when ever opportunities pop up.