DMF Volunteer and Her Voice Club Members Join Partners To Beat Cancer

Youths Who Run the World was organized by the Cancer Research UK and the Youths Who Run the World organization under the theme “Healthy and Active Lifestyle”. This event was facilitated by the Noela Lyonga Foundation on the 13th of July 2019 for from 7am to 8am at Bongo square.  It was an event where youths ran for 10km in 206 countries.

Our Her Voice Club Project Coordinator; Nfomi Laura Berka and our Her Voice Club He 4 She Ambassador; Melony Joseph represented the Denis Miki Foundation Her Voice Club in this year’s Youths Who Run The World Cancer Campaign in Buea.

DMF Volunteer; Sylvia Leku was also among the participants for the July 13th Youths Who Run The World Beat Cancer Campaign.

This event started with a talk on how to live a healthy lifestyle, it was participatory as youths contributed. Some of which include; exercising 21/2 hours per week for people more than 18 years old, thinking and developing positive attitudes, not consuming more than 7 cubes of sugar per week for people more than 18 of age and the importance of rest at least 8 hours for the ages from 16-18. This followed up by some warm up.

Noela Lyonga joined us some minutes into the warm up, where she welcomed all youths and gave a brief summary of the line of activities, the motive and rationale for the program and project. This led to the main part of the program where we jugged round Bongo Square and Clarks Quarters in pairs. This activity was a lot of fun as we sang songs like “who run the world? Youths!!” “Small thing pickam” and others.

We concluded the activity with group pictures, interviews from radio and TV stations that were present. Organizations represented included; The Noela Lyonga Foundation, Her Voice Club, BONET, UB fan Club and others. The CEO/founder of the Noela Lyonga Foundation appreciated the efforts and initiative and encouraged us to be health advocates.