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its has always been a burden in my heart to impact live and generations to come through i didn’t have to wait until i had a huge access ,so i started where i could ;in my catchment, then in my community and then Nationally and now Internationally. And so on this day ; August 24th 2018, i took the pledge to serve cameroon in the United Nations concert in accordance with the constitution and republican values and in accordance with those contained in the United Nations charter for the duration of my mandate.

Though my reign as a parliamentarian , l’ii strive to promote Human Right ,Peace and end Gender Based violence through; Activism,educating and working with young boys and girls to promote respectful relationships and gender equality, promoting women’s full participation in civil society and developing support programs for professional experiencing secondhand trauma

MAY God See Me Through.

SR South West Region

Yali RLC Accra Cohort 7

DMF Mentee

African changeMakers Cohort 2

USG Alumni

CEO/Founder TYLI

Youth For Human RIGHTS


Deputy Junior Parliamentarian for The United Nation Cameroon.


Melody is one of the newly recruited Mentees at Denis Miki Foundation. As a Teacher at Government High School Batoke, she serves in her community by using Education as a means of Sustainable Development. She counsels students and coaches them to become better citizens and mobilizes them for voluntary services to the community. As a DMF Mentee she, on the 26th of September celebrated the World Environmental Health Day 2017.

The World Environmental Health Day was celebrated in Government High School Batoke on the 26th of September 2017 under the theme “Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality“. Activities were planned and implemented by the Guidance Counsellor Ndzenyuiy Melody.
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