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Wealth Creation By Agriculture

Organic Agriculture for Food Security and Wealth Creation by Providing Sustainable Livelihoods

Poverty and unemployment greatly plagues Africa and Cameroon in particular. Cameroon’s most recent household survey (ECAM III), undertaken in 2007, revealed that poverty affected an estimated 39.9% of the population, compared with 40.2% in 2001, and that 55% of the country’s poor people live in rural areas. The ECAM III survey also found that poverty had grown by 3 points in rural areas and poverty continues to be a fundamental rural phenomenon. Women and children are particularly hard-hit: 52% of people in poor households are women, and half the members of poor households are under 15 years of age.

DMF through her Agriculture and Economic Empowerment projects provide financial empowerment measures, creates jobs and educates the public on economic empowerment methods.

We currently run Crop Production and Plantation farms in the South West Region of Cameroon; planting Maize, Plantains, Cocoyams in over 30 Hectares of land.

We are working on extending to Snails farming, Poultry farming, Fishery and many more crop production and animal husbandry projects.