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Why we do it

Denis Miki Foundation (DMF) was formed out of the need to meet the challenges of the impact of the economic crisis and unemployment which greatly affects Cameroon as a country and particular sectors such as: education, agriculture and health just to name these. These crises cause alarming youth unemployment, juvenile delinquency, and poor health service provision among others in the country. DMF decided to start a development initiative aimed at providing practical life and vocational skills to under privileged young people and women so that they can create their own employment or acquire employability skills which can enable them secure jobs or become self reliant. The Organization employs a strategy of changing the mentalities of young people and women from looking up to only white-collar jobs provided by government and private companies to creating their own jobs and employing other youths. Denis Miki Foundation focuses on primary health care, water, hygiene & sanitation targeting Primary school children, Youth, Women and the Underprivileged persons, conservation related activities, community development projects, vocational training and promoting sustainable agriculture and sporting activities. DMF’s missions are to contribute to the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and community development by empowering the people and their communities. We have as objectives to sustainably develop and enhance the capacities of the poor, vulnerable and rural areas of Cameroon. Empower the people of these communities and ensure sustainable livelihoods for them through our programs, services and projects. Provide capacity building and leadership enhancement trainings to youths, women and the general public.


Denis Miki Foundation supports the development of underdeveloped communities and groups through empowerment, capacity building, and education for sustainable development, talent promotion and wealth creation.


We believe in the rural and urban poor; in their strength, resilience and capacity to create a better future. Through grassroots leadership, we connect girls, women and boys to their capacities, link them to community services for all, and build vibrant, gender equitable communities where all are able to realize their full potential. We aim to sustainably develop and enhance the capacities of the poor, vulnerable and rural people and areas and empower youths and women.