World Water Day 2018 Celebrated Under The Theme Nature For Water

To commemorate World Water Day 2018 celebrated on the 22nd of March, DMF partnered with the Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Water and Energy Resources and other stakeholders as a member of the Taskforce and representative of Civil Society Organisations. The one week activity included Call-in sensitization programs on EDEN RADIO Limbe to sensitize and educate the entire community of Limbe and other neighbouring towns on the importance of water to life and our collective role in the proper management of the natural resource made available for us.

With a growing population and increasing need for portable water to meet the needs of the community, the Bonadikombo Water Catchment and Management Committee is an exemplary Community Based Approach of solving our present water crisis. To commemorate the 2018 World Water Day which is celebrated today the 22nd of March we joined the Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Water Resources and Energy, The Limbe 1 Council, CAMWATER, Community Water Management Committees and other stakeholders in a working visit to the Bonadikombo Water Catchments where we learned on how they have in the last 30 to 40 years supplied water to the population of Mile 4, Ewongo and other neighbouring communities with an almost 95% success rate. Using the Community Assets Based Approach of solution provision and problem solving building on smaller Spring Catchments in local communities in Cameroon is seen to be the best approach to solve the Water Crisis that is an alarming community challenge in the nation today.

A round table discussion that brought together all water stakeholders; the councils, ministries, civil society, media and community water management committees gave a platform for deliberations, debates and the drawing up of resolutions on how to manage our water needs and challenges. Also challenges faced and best practices that have worked well for some stakeholders were shared and tools of water management were shared.

The celebration which ended with an open day event under the patronage of the Governor of the South West Region had a mix of arts and culture with artist performing educative songs on water and it’s importance to life, how we should manage our natural water sources and protect it from bacteria and prevent water borne diseases like Cholera and Typhoid.