About Our Peace Program

DMF Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution Background Information
Who we are:
Denis Miki Foundation (DMF) is women led and youth focused organisation with
headquarters in Limbe, Cameroon. DMF runs and coordinates several programmes and projects
on Women/Youth Peace and Security (W/YPS), Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) through
Sports for Peace, capacity building, grassroots mobilization, research, advocacy, awareness
creation and movement building activities. DMF provides humanitarian assistance to victims of
crisis especially those affected by the Anglophone Crisis through Health Care Assistance,
Educational Support, Economic empowerment, trauma healing training and psychosocial support.
DMF as a member of several local and international W/YPS coalitions and movements
coordinates and implements programmes that seek to strengthen grassroots women and youth
peacebuilder’s capacities and strengthen structures for the effective localization of the United
Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 and also is a participating NGO in the
evaluation of the country’s National Action Plan on WPS. We are currently running and
coordinating the Cameroon Women and Girls for Peace Movement (CAWOGIPEM) and the
Youth for Peace Cameroon (YOPCAM) movements to increase women, girls and youth
engagement in peacebuilding processes at both the local and national levels

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Our mission is to reduce poverty by running community empowerment programs and
solutions like the DMF Impact Hub and Efeti Ventures Inc. We support the development of
underdeveloped communities and groups through capacity building, education for sustainable
development, health, peacebuilding, leadership, creativity, wealth creation, policy advocacy and
activism for peaceful and sustainable and communities.


A sustainable development, human rights, humanitarian assistance, peace and
entrepreneurial organisation with unique development focus will energize the development and
social enterprise ecosystem and play a cutting-edge role in sustainable development.


Our objectives are to:
1. Inspire – Inspire youth and women toward social action, increasing both personal,
national and international aspirations.
2. Equip – Equip youth and women with social and emotional skills – real world skills that
unlock opportunities for future success.
3. Connect – Connect youth and women across diversity, creating valuable networks and
building understanding.
4. Deploy – Bring youth and women into service and action for sustainable and innovative
community development

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We have the following strategies to achieve the said objectives;
1.Implement capacity building workshops with identified stakeholders
2.Run awareness creation and sensitisation programmes and campaigns
3.Run Mobile Clinics for outreach programmes
4.Advocacy and policy influencing
5.Resource mobilisation and distribution to beneficiaries
6.Movement building for the promotion of feminists rights.

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Past Engagements and Impact

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1. Grassroots Engagements and Impact 

At the local/grassroots level we mobilise communities, run capacity building programs, run media and community awareness programs, door-to-door sensitisation, focus group discussions, data collection and have hosted and participated in women and youth development, peacebuilding and SDG actions, campaigns, consultative meetings for a cease fire and engagement of women and youth in peacebuilding and mediation processes to solve the ongoing Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon. 

We build grassroots women, girls and youth capacity to ensure they have the right knowledge and skills to effectively and efficiently take up spaces and create platforms for them to actively engage and lead in the YPS and WPS agendas both nationally and globally.

And contribute directly to shaping the policies and programming of both national and international agendas while ensuring that their voices as grassroots women, girls and communities are considered in the planning, implementation and decision making processes through research, advocacy and capacity development for active citizen engagement.

At DMF we have hosted Interfaith and Intergenerational Dialogue for Peace Conferences to push for peaceful solutions of the Anglophone Crisis. We also host Sports 4 Peace projects engaging young people and men in Peacebuilding through sports.

2. National Engagements and Impact

We launched and coordinate the Youth for Peace Cameroon Movement (YOPCAM) and the Cameroon Women and Girls for Peace Movement (CAWOGIPEM) which both have national membership and engagements and our members actively engage in different grassroots and national peace and security engagements like the first ever baseline study of the YPS in Cameroon led by UNOY Cameroon members.

YOPCAM members like CAWOGIPEM members are not only working on the YPS and WPS agenda but also clearly trying to point out the connection between Y/WPS both at the grassroots and national levels. Since 2018 the Denis Miki Foundation launched the Interfaith Dialogue Network in Cameroon and our work has been around creating spaces for community members from different religious and cultural backgrounds to have dialogues, conversations, build relations across different faith backgrounds and sectors. Running capacity building and strengthening programs.

Our community members are made of Priests, Pastors, Bishops, Imams, community members from different religious, faith and cultural backgrounds. We have been able to impact over 2000 community members directly and over 30,000 indirectly through media campaigns on social and local media platforms like radio, TV and print.

We are a founding member organisation of SNWOT and was part of mobilising and organising for the first ever Women’s Sit-down Weeping by the South West and North West Women’s Taskforce (SNWOT). Served for a 2 years mandate as a Technical Adviser to SNWOT. Since January 2022 we now seat as the South West Regional Coordinator for SNWOT.

We also engage and push for youth friendly national policies and programs with office as an AdHoc Committee Head for Humanitarian and Voluntary Actions at the Cameroon National Youth Council (CNYC).

We actively participated in developing statement papers, present youth and women statements in-front of the Prime Minister Head of Government, Government Delegate, Parliamentarians and key decision makers during the Major National Dialogue to Solve the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon.

We also provide capacity building trainings to Mayors, Counsillors and government officials on best decentralisation procedures that involve youth and women from the community in the Participatory Budgeting and Peacebuilding processes which were key measures arrived at from the Major National Dialogue.

We also have as part of ensuring the implementation of the recommendations of the Major National Dialogue in Cameroon worked on projects to promote good governance and decentralisation by training local leaders on youth and women participation in decentralisation and decision making, peacebuilding and mediation processes.

Have planned and hosted Town Hall sessions within local councils to ensure Citizen Participation. We joined UNOY Cameroon members in carrying out the first baseline study on the Youth Peace and Security (YPS) agenda in Cameroon which led to the publication of the first ever Baseline Study of YPS in Cameroon in 2022 which can be found at http://unoy.org/ downloads/baseline-study-cameroon We have ongoing humanitarian assistance and charity projects to support internally displaced women and youth who are victims of the ongoing Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon to prevent them from becoming radicalised supporting their health, education and economic wellbeing.

As the South West Regional Coordinator of WILPF, Cameroon we are working on the Masculinities project, reviewed the Cameroon National Action Plan (NAP) on WPS and working on other projects been implemented.

3. International Engagements and Impact 

We coordinate and are members of several international networks and alumni platforms which bring together people of diverse cultures, backgrounds, sectors and we have been able to build new and long lasting partnerships, relationships, networks, friendships and collaborations which continue to grow into new ideas and projects that cut across different borders and sectors pushing for cross regional and international collaborations.

We currently coordinate the West Africa Region of the Bosch Alumni Network and the Africa Gender Equality Group of The Royal Commonwealth Society where we weave the community and engage members to form collaborations, co-create projects and build synergy.

We are a member of the United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY), Mediator Beyond Borders International (MBBI), UN MGCY, Bosch Alumni Peace Cluster, Peace Coalition and UN ECOSOC Consultative Organisation.

As a member of these international groups and communities we have participated in events, meetings, signed statements, mobilised and participated in campaigns, mobilized other actors and partners to do same.

We have also participated, co-hosted and spoke at side events hosted by UN MGCY, CSO Forum during UNGA 74 in New York, UN CSW, RightsCon and have also participated in e-consultations on Governance, Economic Institutions ahead of UNGAs and other international decision making events. We worked as a research consultant with Maza Foundation on resurgence of conflict in Central Africa.